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Freeman’s: Family is the second literary anthology in the series reviewers are calling “bold” (Minneapolis Star-Tribune) and “refreshing” (Chicago Literati). Following a debut issue on the theme of “Arrival,” Freeman circles a new topic whose definition is constantly challenged by the best of our writers: family.

In an essay called “Crossroads,”  Aminatta Forna muses on the legacy of slavery as she settles her family in Washington, DC, where she is constantly accused of cutting in line whenever she stands next to her white husband. Families are hardly stable entities, so many writers discover. Award-winning novelist Claire Vaye Watkins delivers a stunning portrait of a woman in the throes of postpartum depression. Booker Prize winner Marlon James takes the focus off absent fathers to write about his mother, who calls to sing him happy birthday every year. Even in the darkest moments, humor abounds. In Claire Messud’s home there are two four-legged tyrants; Sandra Cisneros writes about her extended family of past lovers; and Aleksandar Hemon tells the story of his uncle's desperate attempt to remain a communist despite decades in the Soviet gulag. 

With outstanding, never-before-published pieces of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from literary heavyweights and up-and-coming writers alike, Freeman’s: Family collects the most amusing, heartbreaking, and probing stories about family life emerging today.



John Freeman


Seven Shorts

Sunjeev Sahota

Angela Flournoy

Adania Shibli (translated from the Arabic by Wiam El-Tamami)

Colin Robinson

Heather O'Neill

Édouard Louis (translated from the French by Linda Coverdale)

Nadifa Mohamed



Aminatta Forna


Lost Letter #1: From Phillis Wheatley, of Boston, to Arbor Tanner, of Newport

Lost Letter #2: From Obour Tanner, Newport, to Phillis Wheatley, Boston

Honorée Fanonne Jeffers


A Family Name

Garnette Cadogan


Little Jewel

Patrick Modiano (translated from the French by Penny Hueston)



Amanda Rea


Ode to My Sister 

Amaryllis Ode 

Victuals Dream Ode

Sharon Olds


A Tomb for Uncle Julius

Aleksandar Hemon



Mo Yan (translated from the Chinese by Howard Goldblatt)


One Day I Will Write About My Mother

Marlon James


Tell Me How It Ends (An Essay in Forty Questions)

Valeria Luiselli


The Selected Works of Abdullah (The Cossack)

H. M. Naqvi


Letter to a Warrior

Athena Farrokhzad (translated from the Swedish by Jennifer Hayashida)


When Living Is a Protest (photo essay)

Ruddy Roye



César Aira (translated from the Spanish by Chris Andrews)


10-Item Edinburgh Post-partum Depression Scale

Claire Vaye Watkins



Tracy K. Smith


If There Was No Moon

Joanna Kavenna


You Better Not Put Me in a Poem

Sandra Cisneros


Going to the Dogs

Claire Messud


Rich Children

Alexander Chee


Inside Voices

David Kirby


This Old Self

Helen Garner

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